Cattery Malibella Cats
Siamese & Oriëntal Shorthair

In Memoriam

Sandvretens Ninja
Ninja (OSH n 24)

24 November 2007 - 1 December 2014
We enjoyed Ninja for seven wonderful years. She was always around but not close, when you called her she was there. She was undepended. She loved to aport, she was the best and she couldn't stop. She loved the garden and sleeping in bed. We wished that we could enjoyed her longer but that was not possible. We miss her every day and we think off the great moments we had with her.

Bye bye sweet Nini.....

Malibella Cats Iza
Lila (OSH c 24)

2 October 2012 - 11 June 2014
We had to put her to sleep because she had a increased cripple esophagus. We extended her live a couple off months but in the end it was enough. She was our little angel! She love hugging around in a roll and purr so hard. We miss her and we will never forget her.

Big hug my sweet little angel....


Malibella Cats Bubbles
Bubbles (OSH b 24)

4 May 2009 - 23 April 2013
Bubbie, we miss you so much. So unexpected. Our loyal, extreem sweet and hugging Bubsie. With your great ears. To good for everything en everybody. Your pedigree lives forward in Funky and Faith, we will never ever forget you.


Malibella Cats Booster

4 May 2009 - 30 July 2009
Your own silly things were fatal.
For hours we could watch you and laugh about you.
You were a lovely and very sweet boy.
We miss you ........ Bye bye my sweet Booster...


April 2006
Also is in our mind our first siamese Bella. A great and sweet chocolate point from the asylum when she was 8 years old. Bella was dependant, sweet and playfull. Bella loved to apport, sweeties and a lot off hugs. Bellas was Mauds pal. Where Maud was was Bella. On the age of 15, on 26th off april 2006 at 16.00 hours, Bella peacefully went to sleep for ever.